What is a Vlog and What Does Vlogging Means in 2021?

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In the case of a Vlog, the content is primarily video. A video blog or a video log is primarily video. It has even been used by some vloggers to create and share their own original music or performance art. In fact, vlogging can be about almost anything, just like blogs.

Vlogging has become more popular in the past few years, but many people are still unfamiliar with it. Vlog is a shortened version of the word video blog or video log. A video blog is a blog that includes video footage. Vlogging refers to the process of creating a vlog, usually filming.


What is a Vlog and What Does Vlogging Means

The graph above illustrates how rapidly vlogging has grown in popularity the past few years and is continuing to rise in popularity every year.

A big reason for the rise in popularity is that the equipment needed to create vlogs has become cheaper and more affordable for the masses. Anyone with an internet connection and a video-capable camera can create a vlog and publish it online. So it has become a lot easier to become a vlogger.

Vloggers do not usually are doing this to make money, unlike mainstream media, such as television or commercial websites. As a result, they can share anything they want and post content on any topic they want.


Videos have been on YouTube for a long time, but we are seeing an explosion in popularity of video blogs on the platform. Vlogs are a vlogging phenomenon that has grown exponentially in the last few years. The YouTube Partnership program has allowed thousands of vloggers to put their channels on the map and make money from their vlogs. Many vloggers have been able to turn their channels into sustainable careers and a few have become millionaires by vlogging!

Types of vlogs

Vlogs are a video series documenting the life of a person but also can be instructional or entertaining. The main purpose of a vlog is to engage with a wide audience on a personal level. Many vloggers started their businesses by launching blogs.

The term ‘vlog’ is usually associated with another term, such as ‘video blog’ and referring to the frequency as well as the topics of the video. Examples of topical vlogs are motorcycling vlogs or beauty vlogs.


Videocon has been held in Southern California every year for the past 10 years and is organized by Hank Green and John Green, also known as Vlog Brothers, and is the largest convention of its kind. VidCon is attended by the biggest names on YouTube, and their fans. There were only 1400 attendees at the first VidCon in 2010 but there were over 18000 attendees in 2014. More information about VidCon can be found here.

Guiness World Record

On 7 may 2015, Charles Trippy had achieved a world record for posting 2200 YouTube videos a day consecutively, establishing his channel with the name « Internet Killed Television » in the process.

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