How Much Are Vlogging Cameras in 2021?

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A YouTube video or perhaps a continuing vlog would be a great idea. How will you accomplish that? Can you tell me how much Vlogging camera will cost me to start?

Various cameras are available for you to choose from. Is there a cost associated with them? What are the differences between all the different cameras?

This article will explain the basic types of cameras so you have a better understanding.

In addition, several models of older cameras are still on the shelves today that have been upgraded. Several of the models we’ve tried out will be covered in past and upcoming blog posts.

How Much Are Vlogging Cameras?

Smartphone Vlogging Cameras

Our first camera type will be your smartphone, on which you might be reading this.

Smartphones, regardless of whether they are Android, Apple or Windows, come with a decent video camera built into them.

Thus, now that you have your smartphone you can start vlogging right away! While many of the cameras on phones are quite good, they do have some limitations. Most digital zooms rely on digital zooming over optical zooms, so your viewing angle is restricted.

Digital zoom also adds noise and reduces resolution. Additionally, there will be a maximum recording time. There will be a telephone like sound quality. We have a guide about how to vlog using a smartphone, which you can find here. Vlogger Casey Neistat has also been known to film Vlogs using his smartphone from time to time.

Point & Shoot Vlogging Cameras

point and shoot camera

Point & Shoot digital cameras will prove to be a step up for many.

Prices for these can range from around $100 to almost $400 depending on features and specifications. Besides being excellent still cameras, many of these also enable video recording.

These cameras have removable memory cards, so you can record a lot of video before uploading it. Some recording devices still impose a time limit on the amount of video that can be captured at one time.

They also are not great performers in lower lighting due to the lens range being restricted. Most premium cameras have good microphones, but the lower-priced ones will have a moderately good sound. Find out what we think is the best point and shoot cameras for YouTube in our reviews here.

Video Camcorder


Dedicated video cameras and camcorders provide many options, and you can still find a few nice examples in the $100 – $400 range.

Those are very expensive, over $1000, but they have many more features and much higher quality. Optical zoom on these cameras often provides a very wide-angle to a very telephoto range. More YouTube camcorders can be found here.

Comparatively, the recording time is longer than that of smartphones or compact cameras. There’s often a noticeable difference in sound quality as well. You can drastically improve your audio by either having a stereo microphone built-in or accepting an auxiliary microphone.

The primary limitation will be the sensor size and resolution, but for most online uses, I don’t think many can discern a difference as viewed on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

DSLR Vlogging Cameras

dslr camera

In our final section, we’ll talk about DSLRs and ILCs (Digital Single Lens Reflex or Interchangeable Lens Cameras).

As varied as the topics we can make videos about are the prices, features, quality, and sizes of these devices. Consumer versions in a kit will be available for $500 and go up depending on lens choice and other differences.

In most of the cases, I found the video quality to be excellent. Almost all will have auxiliary microphones and sound quality will be generally higher. They are distinguished from other options by their interchangeable lenses and large sensor sizes.

Many professionals call these models prosumer models (think of Canon 70D to 80D) because they start around $800-$1200. There will usually be greater durability, weatherproofing, and better sensors on these.

The cost of a used car can easily equal that of a professional model. You should be thinking about $3,000 to $6,000. The sensors in a camera of this class are of the highest quality, making it a serious tool.

Next Level Cameras

Video camera systems with interchangeable lenses are also available in very high-end and professional models. It is possible that camera prices are as high as $10,000 (For example, a RED camera). Unless you are a YouTuber, you probably shouldn’t be reading a blog about this kind of camera system. However, if you are, it’s nice to meet you! Please let J.J Abrams know that two of his last three films were good.

You can purchase a good video-making tool for under $100 up to well over $1000. You might actually be better off with the one you have now. If you can shoot videos on your smartphone and post them online, then that’s what you need. You can upgrade later if you start now. Any way you decide, just have fun making videos and vlogs.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of the range and prices of different Vlogging cameras. Hopefully, we have helped ask your question on how much are Vlogging cameras.

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