35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022

35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022

If you are looking for some unique and creative ideas for creating a new YouTube video then you should try these YouTube challenges. Before telling you about these challenges to do for YouTube we will love to share the positive points of doing a challenge. Making a video of YouTube challenges have m​​​​​any benefits. Some are given below for your guidance.

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  • These are simple to do
  • Easy to record
  • Less time for editing is required
  • One can do it at home easily
  • Challenges are mostly liked by the viewers that support the YouTube channel to grow
  • Fastest way to grow your audience
  • Best way to collaborate your YouTube community and friends

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Why YouTube Challenges take you in another world?

Watching YouTube is just awesome because you find the great collection of amazing videos on the internet in very less time.

No doubt, YouTube has replaced watching TV and movies but the most amazing and addictive thing is to watch the YouTube challenges now. These are not only amazing to do with friends but also a good activity in boredom period.

Always start from the simple and easy challenges then go to the daring one. Watch the already existing videos on challenges on YouTube then make your own after getting the ideas. This will be better than others hopefully. Be careful, never try those challenges with kids that are dangerous for health or life.

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YouTube Challenges Ideas

Hope now you understand, what are the YouTube challenges. Now we will explain the types and details of challenges to do on YouTube. You will learn here video challenges to do with friends. Are you ready to do this? Let’s find the craziest one for you today.

1 – Not My Hands challenge

This is a simple but super challenge that could be done easily. You just need a friend who will stand behind you. What he has to do is just to move his hands around you as these are yours. There could be different things to do with those hands like decorating the cake. This is an easy challenge for you being a starter. After this, you should move towards the craziest. More exciting things are coming ahead.

2 – 100 Layer Challenge

This is one of the craziest challenges but for this, you need a lot of time and material. This could be makeup, glue, clothes etc. It is all about putting layers and layers of anything on your face or body. These layers could be of glue, makeup, paint, clothes or tissues as well.

3 – The Yoga Challenge

If you are inspired of Yoga then you must try some easy Yoga pose with your friend. Well be careful, and try only the simple yoga for any future discomfort. Don’t try the hard yoga practice that will cause any pain to your body.

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4 – Accent Fun Challenge

Apparently it seems very simple but this is going to be a great fun challenge in a small time. Simply you have to say some mysterious and stereotypical type of accent. Your partner has to recognize the accent. Be careful, don’t be racist at all.

5 – 7 Seconds Challenge

This is one of the most simple and easy YouTube challenges that need no material. If the person will do it then he is a winner otherwise loser. One has to perform every task in 7 seconds only so it would be a great fun.

6 – Brain Freeze Challenge

You are not going to freeze the brain but it could be if you try for too long in this challenge. You just have to fill your bath tub with ice and ask your partner to sit in this. Now you will ask some questions and he will only get out if the answer is right! This is hell fun but be careful to remain safe from cold and brain freeze.

7 – Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This is the trending challenge on YouTube that is simply watching the funny videos and trying not to laugh at all. This is not only simple but also needs no special things and quite harmless. This is going to be hilarious as sometimes it is very hard to control the laughter.

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8 – Water Bottle Flip challenge

Bottle flip is also a simple and funny challenge to do with friends. You need to fill a big plastic bottle then tossing in such a way that it should land with the right side up. Your right timings will make you a winner.

9 – The Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is one of the most trending on YouTube. The participant has to eat a full spoon of Cinnamon. This could be dangerous for health and asthma patients so don’t dare to pick this just watch.

10 – Chubby Bunny Fun Challenge

If you want to do some crazy challenge with your friends than the Chubby Bunny Challenge is the best one. This is very simple in which one has to put some marshmallows or chubby bunnies in the mouth and say chubby bunny. The participant has to put more and more chubby bunnies in the mouth until become unable to say Chubby Bunny.

11 – Ghost Pepper Challenge

This is the hottest challenge to do with your friends. The participant has to eat the ghost pepper and records the reaction while eating the pepper. So if you are going to do this challenge first watch the previous challenges on YouTube.

12 – Eat it or Wear It Challenge

This is the messy challenge and only that person can do who could bear getting messy . If you still want to do this challenge then wear the old clothes. This is a challenge in which the participants have to put some random foods in bags give numbers on the bags. Now you have to eat random foods number wise and if you refuse to eat then you have to wear it on your face and body. At the end, the winner will be that person who wears less amount on his body. This is quite funny and entertaining challenge.

13 – Smoothie Challenge

Are you a Smoothie lover then must try this Smoothie Challenge. To do this challenge you need twenty ingredients with ten gross and ten delicious one. Now you have to write the names and papers and keep in a box or bowl. The participants have to put random papers and then make a smoothie of these ingredients. Then they have to finish the smoothie whatever the taste and mixture.

14 – Say Anything Challenge

Now apart from eating and food challenges let’s do some brain fun challenge without creating any mess. You need minimum two and maximum 4 to 5 players in this game. In this challenge, the participants have to say any random word on his turn. Repetition of words as well as pause above 1 or 2 seconds is not allowed. If someone disobeys the rule he should be punished. The winner of the challenge will be the less tape on his mouth.

15 – McDonalds Roulette Challenge

This is one of the expensive and surprising challenges. McDonalds Roulette Challenge could be done with son and father and with your friends as well. One player has to go to the McDonalds drive through. While the other participants have to drive through some other fast food restaurants. Now both participants have to demand exactly what the previous person has ordered. This challenge becomes crazier that you never know what you are getting in order. May be it is a big family deal or just a milkshake.

16 – Cotton Ball Challenge

This is very simple but fun challenge in which a player has to put a bowl on his head and a bowl of cotton balls. Then the participant is blindfolded and has to put the cotton balls with a spoon on your head bowl. The player with the most cotton balls in the bowl wins. The cool thing is that these balls are so light that you can’t hear its voice or feel the weight on your head.

17 – Internet Slang Challenge

Now, this challenge is for the brilliant persons so do it if you dare to answer any question. The Internet Slang Challenge is all about a quiz competition from an outsider person who asks many questions about the internet slang dictionary meaning, an urban dictionary meaning or any abbreviation. Obviously, the winner is the persons who answer the most correct.

18 – Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This is the fun challenge especially for girls but the boys can also participate. For this challenge, you need two participants one with blindfolded and who will do the makeup of another participant. The blindfolded makeup challenge is an easiest but hell fun challenge. The craziest moment is when the whole makeover is done.Everyone can do this challenge at home with kids, partner or friends.

19 – Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

This challenge is just like the blindfolded challenge but it is funnier because in this your boy friend has to do your makeup. Usually, boys have no idea to do makeup so it becomes more funny and cool. You can create a great funny and hilarious video of this challenge.

20 – Speed Drawing Challenge

Are you fed up of quiz, food, and makeup then try this speed drawing challenge? It doesn’t need any special artistic skills. You just have to make a drawing in the short given period like 2. The winner will be the person with the best drawing. For this person, you need a judge as well. It depends on you to choose the drawing topic or material like a celebrity, a cartoon, scenery or a thing. You can use pastel colors, pencils colors and oil paints as well.

21 – Whipped Cream Challenge

For the Whipped Cream Challenge you must be ready to have a lot of messy cream on your face. It is the most fun challenge yet so join the fun!

22 – The Whisper Challenge

Whisper Challenge is also a very fun game in which one person has to wear earplugs that cancel the noise and the other will tell you a thing. Obviously, you cannot hear this voice. You just have to guess the word or sentence with the lips reading sense. Although it is difficult to guess it creates amazing and funny results.

23 – Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

The Blindfolded Drawing challenge is a step ahead of blindfolded makeup challenge but it is more self-explanatory and hell fun. As the names describe the players of this challenge will be blind folded and they have to draw the asked thing. One will draw and other will guess what he is drawing actually. The winner will be the right guess person.You get points if the other person guesses it correctly.

24 – Touch My Body Challenge

This is a simple fun challenge to do with friends that could be done with friends at any age. A person wears a blindfold while other partners ask him to touch the body at any part. The blind folded person has to guess the correct part of the body. If someone gives the most right guesses he or she will win.

Evantubehd challenges

EvanTubeHD is one of the best YouTube channels where nine years old Evan and his father both have made amazing challenging videos.

In these videos they turned their love for toys for making more than 1.3 billion. These channel videos give amazing ideas for YouTube challenges at home with friends and family.

25 – Pizza Challenge

Pizza Challenge is one of the most popular challenges by EvanTube. This is surrounded by plenty of mysterious things. Each person has to put sixteen mystery ingredients over the Pizza then eating one slice.

26 – Bean Boozled Challenge

This is the fun challenge to do with your friends. You can simply make a funny and amazing game by giving the same colors beans to the friends. You have to see which flavors they get from it. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge dares to compare the naughty flavors with crazy friends.

27 – Nintendo Switch Challenges

The amazing and crazy Switch Nintendo challenge is best for gamers as well as families. You can make the video of this challenge even with the people who never played video games before this. The latest challenge of your favorite character Mario is almost there. Making a 1000 piece puzzle for Nintendo fans will be tough but with a lot of fun.

28 – Fantastic Gymnastics Challenge

Fantastic Gymnastics Challenge is another amazing challenge by Evan tube. Getting into the swing challenge with friends is a fantastic idea. This is a Unique Gymnastics game in which Players time their speed and rhythm. By this, they get the desired momentum which helps to flip the highest bar figure. You can play it solo or with a challenge with friends.

29 – Blindfolded Fidget Toy Challenge

Blindfolded Fidget toy challenge is the also a fun challenge. You can see in the video how Evan and Jillian make fun and sense with these toys and learn to use them. For this challenge, they have to try the fidget cube, fidget pencils, fidget rollers, monkey rings and monkey noodles etc.

30 Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

This is the hell fun challenge in which the participants have to eat the extreme sour candy. The facial expressions will be recorded and that will be the hilarious reactions to watch.

31Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge

This is a popular YouTube challenge but you can only do this when you dare to eat anything like a frog or any insect. It has become a great trend among the Vloggers to do this challenge. There are plenty of challenges videos have been recorded that you can see on YouTube.

32 – Evantubehd Oreo Challenge

This is another YouTube fun challenge named as “Oreo Challenge”. This is actually a cookie tasting challenge with blind folded person. Kids and elders both love this fun challenge.

33 – Exploding Watermelon Challenge

Do you love the water melon then you must try this fun challenge with your friends? In this video, the participants try to explore the water melon with rubber bands. This is going to be craziest and daring challenge to do with your friends.

34 – The Ice Cream Challenge

This cool and yummy challenge is actually a flavor test of 16 flavors of Ice cream. The participant is blind folded and asked to taste the all 16 flavors. Finally, the winner is the person who tells the most right answers of ice cream flavors.

35 – Hover board Fun Challenge

Hopefully, now you are bored from the food, makeover and sitting games so let’s try out this Hover board challenge this time. This is an amazing challenge to do with your friends at home and outside both.


We have given above a lot of ideas of YouTube challenges to do with your friends and family at home. We hope you enjoy seeing these challenges, you will feel amazing if you try these with your friends. If You have some ideas that we missed here let us know, we will add here in the list , stay in touch.

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