Canon EOS 70D: Is It Good Vlogging Camera?

Canon EOS 70D: Is It Good Vlogging Camera?

It can be hard to know which camera is the best for you when there are so many on the market. Our favorite camera for vlogging is the Canon EOS 70D. We will tell you why we love it and why we recommend it. Let’s take a look at the seven reasons why the Canon EOS 70D is a good camera for YouTube vlogging.

7 Reasons Why EOS 70D Is Best for Vloggers

  • Continuous Autofocus 
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Brilliant Low Light Sensitivity
  • Great Battery Life
  • Price
  • Extremely Robust
  • Flip Screen

Continuous Autofocus

Whenever you vlog, you have a reputation to maintain, so you want to make sure the video quality is excellent. A camera’s focus plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the shot. It has autofocus features, so you’re sure to get the perfect picture with this Canon EOS 70D. You need to do this if you have a wide audience. Have you ever watched a video that is blurry and shaky because its quality wasn’t good? You’re bound to be put off returning if something similar happens only once or twice.

The last thing you want if you want to build an audience is to create fake accounts. The autofocus is also silent, so that if you need to change a shot’s focus in the middle, you won’t hear anything. It will save you the time of re-recording, since the audio will be perfect right away.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon EOS 70D doesn’t shoot in a format that can be directly uploaded to YouTube, but some cameras are not capable of doing so. Upon uploading your recording to YouTube, you can immediately access it through the in-built WIFI.

The captive audience won’t have to wait long since you can upload the video immediately after you’ve taken it, without having to mix it. The camera can still make a mixed video, so you can still mix videos, but if you want to quickly upload videos to YouTube, this is the right camera.

Brilliant Low Light Sensitivity

Even though relying on your smartphone for photos has decreased, having a proper camera is still better than just using the one on your smartphone. Even though mobile phone cameras improve every year, they are still not very good in low light.

There won’t be any issue when you use the Canon EOS 70D since it has superb low-light performance, so you can create stunning photos any day of the week. This means that you won’t have to worry about quality deteriorating over time.

Great Battery Life

Canon’s EOS 70D has a great battery as another great benefit. Because it has a long battery life, you can record videos for your YouTube vlog for a longer period of time. Then this is the perfect option if you’re a vlogger who takes several shots before finding the perfect one.

Thus, you will be able to keep “in the zone” for the duration of your shoot and thereby save time since you will be in the flow. Typically, performers will use one or two takes during recording to get into the flow and into the zone. Having increased battery life means that you can stay in the zone and complete your recording.


A $1000 investment can seem like a lot for new YouTubers. I am glad to say that the Canon EOS 70D camera costs less than $1000. The investment isn’t too big, so you can get a good camera at a reasonable price. Because it is so reasonably priced, it makes a good second or third camera for your YouTube vlog. When you’re improving your vlogging skills and building an audience, you’ll get to know all of its features.

Extremely Robust

You will need an extremely tough camera if you are planning on recording videos day in and day out for your YouTube channel. From the moment you create content to the moment you show it to your audience, your camera will be a tool or middle man. It is therefore critical that the camera has extreme robustness that can withstand minor bumps and bruises. Casey Neistat and Tanner Fox, the two most popular YouTubers who use this camera almost every day, are just two examples.

Flip Screen

When you played back a shot or a video you took, how often have you realized that you didn’t like it? It has probably happened to you countless times, as it has to many others. With the Canon EOS 70D you will no longer have this problem as you can adjust the LCD screen settings and see what is being filmed. Consequently, you’ll be able to adjust the shot as you record it and get exactly what you want.

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