Vlogging With GoPro [A User Guide 2022]

Vlogging With GoPro [A User Guide 2022]

The GoPro vlogging guide that I am sharing here will cover everything you need to know about vlogging with GoPro, including the equipment you need to set up the app, along with the mistakes you must avoid while doing so. You can learn a lot of GoPro vlog tips and tricks from this article, so if you want to know more, please continue reading.

The popularity of vlogs continues to grow, so it’s only natural for people to discover new ways to capture such clips in order to be unique. YouTube vlogs have been transformed following the introduction of GoPros. These tiny cameras are the next big thing.

The Benefits of Using a GoPro for Vlogging

Are you an aspiring vlogger who wants to get a GoPro but isn’t sure whether it will be worth the purchase? You might be inspired to buy a GoPro after reading about these benefits.


Do you find it tiresome to carry a heavy and large camera around all the time? Are you intimidated by being pointed directly at by the same camera as others while vlogging? That’s where GoPro comes in.

A convenient design and size are two of the many advantages of using the GoPro for vlogging. These devices are incredibly compact, yet offer so many benefits. Whether you’re a travel vlogger, a daily vlogger, or a beauty vlogger, they’re easy to take on the go. Small in size and lightweight, this camera is easy to carry around when traveling, which is especially useful to travel vloggers.

Built-in Wi-Fi Access

A vlogger will never be happy if he or she can’t access the Internet. Thanks to GoPro’s built-in Wi-Fi, syncing and downloading videos and pictures to your phone or laptop has never been easier. That’s pretty cool, huh?

Video Quality

In addition to easy capturing of certain shots, a GoPro offers higher video quality than other action cameras. Nowadays, the majority of GoPros feature 4K video quality, resulting in stunning images and videos, making them an ideal portable camera accessory.

GoPros Are More Affordable than Standard Cameras

When it comes to cameras, if you’ve ever looked into using GoPros for vlogging, then you’ve probably noticed that they’re a lot more affordable  than vlogging cameras. 

Some cameras go up to $1,500 and more in price, which, needless to say, not every vlogger can afford to purchase, especially at the beginning of their vlogging career. vloggers can get GoPros for an affordable price, ranging between $300 and $400.

Swimming and Beach Day Vlogs

Water-resistance is one of the best features of GoPros. So you can capture beautiful photos at the beach or at the pool without worrying that your camera will get wet. In addition to allowing you to relax, you’ll be less concerned about accidentally dropping your camera in the hot tub or spilling something on it while in the hot tub. It is important to remember that all GoPro cameras have a maximum depth limit, so do your research before diving into the deep blue.

Different Shooting Modes

Using the different editing modes of GoPro such as time lapse can help you cut down on editing time. For those of you who are always in need of some stunning visuals for your vlogs, all you need to do is set a timelapse once you come across a beautiful sunset or picturesque mountain scene. You can now make your vlogs even more attractive visually.

What’s the Best GoPro for Vlogging?

To ensure you’re not wasting any money on versions that won’t work when you’re planning to use GoPro for vlogging, choose the right edition right from the start. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the top 3 best GoPros for vlogging.

GoPro Max

Vlogging with GoPro

The GoPro Max is bound to appeal to any travel vlogger out there. The travel vlogging camera is a worthwhile investment, despite its higher price ($450).

This 360-degree camera is easy to set up and has great image stabilization, making it a great option for travel vlogging. The bag is also extremely lightweight and small, so travel vloggers can bring it with them when they travel. You can view all the footage you’ve filmed with the GoPro Max’s built-in touchscreen. With 5.7K video quality and access to GoPro’s editing app, recording and editing the captured video is a breeze.

GoPro Fusion

Vlogging with GoPro

In terms of vlogging cameras, the GoPro Fusion is undoubtedly the best. In spite of its price, it still delivers the same high level of performance as the GoPro Max ($200). Spherical video resolution is 5.2K at 30fps, and spherical images are 18MP. More than one microphone is included, which will improve the quality of your recordings. 

Vlogging is extremely important when it comes to audio quality and you should definitely pay attention to it. Additional external mics can always be purchased, but we will discuss that in more detail later.

Besides the great performance in low-light, the Fusion has another amazing feature. Obviously, you won’t always vlog in subpar lighting situations, but it’s the type of feature that’s always useful. It’s a great GoPro with an excellent price and high performance that can keep up with the competition.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Vlogging with GoPro

The Hero 8 Black is an updated version of the beloved Hero series that costs somewhere between the GoPro Fusion and the GoPro Max. You can shoot 4K video on it, plus it has excellent image stabilization, making it perfect for creating amazing vlogging videos. In addition, it has a bunch of options, including Time Wrap, for shooting.

It has a microphone facing forward, so background noise tends to be diverted when using the GoPro for vlogging. It will also come out much clearer and crisper if there is audio that is intended for the vlog.

Having explored some of the best GoPro vlogging options available, it’s time to examine the logistics and setup behind GoPro vlogging and explain some of the essential equipment any GoPro vlogger should own, as well as some ideas on optional GoPro vlogging equipment.

GoPro Vlogging Setup

There are several pieces of equipment you should have on hand when vlogging with a GoPro, which will undoubtedly make the vlogging process much easier and will result in better quality vlogs. Additionally, we recommend purchasing some pieces of optional equipment, if your budget allows.

In this section we will examine the GoPro vlogging setup and every piece of equipment you will need to get started vlogging with GoPro.

Essential GoPro Vlogging Equipment

How else will you be able to start your vlogs besides a GoPro vlogging camera?

External Mic

An external microphone will dramatically improve the audio quality of your vlogs – you will be able to capture crisp and clear audio, and the mic will allow you to capture sounds in all directions that the GoPro would not normally be able to capture. If you wish, you can either purchase an external microphone built specifically for GoPro, or purchase one that can be used with the majority of cameras on the market. 

In our opinion, the Edutige ETM-001 Omnidirectional Microphone is the best choice for vlogging, as it is lightweight and will be easy to take along while traveling.

Mic Adapter

For users of GoPro cameras, a mic adapter is a popular accessory. Having a mic adapter is an investment worth making when doing any type of vlogging because of the importance of audio quality. You can connect it to a wide range of external microphones and it’s quite easy to set up and use.


Even if you use GoPro to vlog, the weather won’t always be perfect, so it’s crucial to invest in equipment that will provide extra lighting without having to purchase a special light. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vlogger, light mods are a great choice. It’s basically a light-up piece of equipment that you attach directly to your GoPro camera. You can choose from a variety of brightness levels, and it can produce up to 200 lumens. You can take the light mods along on your diving adventures as well due to their waterproof feature of 10m. Before you purchase a GoPro, make sure you research the different light modes and what they are compatible with.

GoPro App

Your GoPro experience is going to become much easier and smoother with the GoPro App. If you download the GoPro app (a process we’ll explain further in this article), you can see the images and videos captured by your GoPro, do live streaming, choose between different shooting modes, and adjust every aspect of the camera. Generally, if you’re planning on vlogging with GoPro regularly, it’s probably a good idea to incorporate the app in some capacity.


When vlogging with GoPro, you have a much harder time improvising because, while most vloggers do mostly sit-down videos, they can easily use a box or a stack of books. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve made a tripod an essential piece of equipment for GoPro vloggers.

Over on Amazon, there are plenty of tripod options for GoPro, but vloggers seem to prefer the Joby GorillaPod. You can use it with most GoPro cameras, and it is easy-to-use. When filming vlog footage, it is always useful to have complete control over shots while shooting.

Optional GoPro Vlogging Equipments

Protective Case

It’s not always the case that GoPros come with protective cases. GoPro users sometimes have difficulty finding their GoPro case, and it seems like the GoPro Casey might be just what they’re looking for. Besides protecting your GoPro against water and harsh weather, the Casey fits many GoPro accessories you might want to buy.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so we’d highly recommend investing in a protective case at the beginning of your GoPro vlogging journey.

Rechargeable Battery

You may find that some GoPro shooting options require a little more battery power, so if you often run out of power when vlogging with your GoPro, then consider purchasing a rechargeable battery.

GoPro Screen Protector

It is sometimes a good idea to buy a screen protector for your GoPro if you can afford one since the screens can sometimes be damaged if used in tough conditions. Using this case will prevent scratches on your GoPro and other external damages, and you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble. It’s fairly simple to install screen protectors, which are usually around $10.

Chest Mount

This chest mount is the ideal accessory for travel vloggers who are always busy. Taking the time to capture the perfect shot will no longer be a problem as you are able to go on tour worry-free. Wearing the chest mount doesn’t require you to carry around a heavy accessory, and it can also  be worn with most clothing pieces.

Head Strap

With a head strap, vlogging with GoPro is even easier than with the chest mount.  With its adjustable head strap, it fits a wide range of head sizes, and most GoPro cameras are compatible with it.

Selfie Stick/ Extension Pole

Vloggers can be intimidated by selfie sticks at first, but they can certainly get more shots and new perspectives with them. Take your GoPro with a selfie stick if you’re not shy in public. Waterproof selfie sticks designed for GoPro can extend a long distance and are designed for use with the cameras. It’s easy to swivel and adjust the angle of the GoPro.

This extension pole from GoPro has a safe, non-slip grip that will make your video-blogging experience even better. Cycling, skiing, skateboarding, and anything that requires the presence of water can be done with it, since it is waterproof.

How to Use GoPro for Vlogging

We will go over all the steps needed when vlogging with GoPro now that you have all the equipment you need.

1. Connect to the GoPro App

To begin, you’ll want to get the official GoPro app installed on your tablet or computer. It’s time to download the app if you haven’t already. The app can only be downloaded and used with an internet connection. Click the Connect and Control button once you’ve established a secure connection over Wi-Fi. By monitoring the shots, you can adjust the camera settings in case necessary.

2. Use the GoPro Case

It is imperative that you have your external GoPro case (which comes free with all GoPro purchases) on hand when completing this step. Ideally, you should mount the GoPro in the external case before mounting it on a tripod or with any other accessory.

3. Connect Your GoPro to Your Mic / Tripod

There is little to no setup necessary for many of the items listed above. 

For your GoPro to be connected to your external mic, you will need a GoPro Microphone Adapter. To connect the microphone, you simply need to open the GoPro door and plug in the adapter. You will not need to install the mic after it has been connected to the GoPro – the mic will automatically connect to the device.

A tripod can also be used to mount your GoPro. To ensure that the GoPro is stable and won’t fall off, be sure you mount it firmly. The GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, and Tripod are some of the tripod options you can find on Amazon, along with bundles such as the GoPro 2-Way Grip-Arm-Tripod.

4. Adjust the Settings

Depending on the GoPro settings, some will work better for vlogging than others. If you want to create high-quality videos when you vlog with GoPro, you need to be deliberate about the settings on your camera.

1080p and 30 frames per second are standard settings for GoPro vlogging. You will need to make some adjustments, particularly if you want to capture an unusual scene. Experimenting on your own will help you get a good feel for which settings a specific scene will require.

In addition to the standard 1080p/30fps settings, YouTube vlogger Meredith Marsh recommends a linear field of view with the Protune turned off. 

Make sure that the video stabilization is on when you are shooting under unstable conditions.

MicBergsma can provide recommendations on specific Protune settings. He recommends the following for GoPro vlogging:

  • Set the white balance to native so you can easily adjust it later on when editing,
  • Set the colour to flat so that you can edit the footage in greater detail,
  • Set the ISO limit to 400 for daytime vlogging and higher for low light/ nighttime shooting,
  • Set the sharpness to low so it’s easier to adjust when editing,
  • The EV Compensation (exposure) setting to be set at -0.5 so you avoid overexposure.

Source: MicBergsma

5. Start Recording

The GoPro app has been downloaded, the accessories have been connected, the settings have been adjusted, and now it’s time to shoot the video!

The camera icon is located on the screen in the middle, beneath the camera name. Tap it once your camera is connected to the app. You can change the shooting mode by swiping left or right. On the bottom left corner, you will see the mode settings when you have selected a mode.

A capture icon is located in the bottom right corner of the screen from which you can select different capture modes. Please note that your GoPro might have a different set of modes. By tapping the bottom right icon where all the settings are displayed, you can change any setting within a mode that you don’t like.

When you’re ready, press the circle icon in the middle of the screen to start recording.

6. Import Footage Into Video Editing Software

You can then import the GoPro footage and begin editing your vlog once all the clips are ready. In order to upload footage to your computer you have a couple of options:

  • Upload it with an SD card reader
  • Use a USB cable
  • Use software like Quik

Using free or paid editing software is just like editing vlogs filmed with conventional cameras. Certain computers come with editing software, such as iMovie or Adobe. In terms of paid software, Final Cut Pro X is very well-rated for its ease-of-use, so it’s also a good choice for beginners.

Here is where all the magic happens. In each editing software, you can make adjustments such as adding a title, making smooth transitions, adding filters, cutting/adding footage, and creating special effects. You can also read our in-depth guide on the best vlog editing software for more editing software recommendations.

Vlogging with GoPro – What Mistakes to Avoid

While you’re vlogging with your GoPro, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. Almost everyone does. Our goal is to help you avoid making some common mistakes when you’re just starting out.

A constant angle should be used when shooting. Some angles on GoPro vlogs can be limited, but you shouldn’t rely exclusively on those angles. You should change your shooting perspective from time to time. You can take more pictures by using an accessory such as a chest mount or selfie stick than you might normally do. It will provide your viewers with a new perspective and will make your video more engaging if you have the option of bringing in another cameraperson.

GoPro vlogs should not include storytelling. Planning ahead is essential if you are going to make the most of your Vlogging endeavor. Think about why you’re capturing the shots you do when you post your vlog. Film from all angles and include the people around you. Interview locals when you travel to get their perspective. 

If you are discussing a specific topic, include a unique fact and make your shots cohesive. It is impossible to list all the possibilities.

The failure to properly maintain your GoPro. Compared to standard cameras, it’s easier for you to cause an accident with a GoPro because of its small size. The GoPro compact camera tends to be a lot more fragile, so you must take extra care to protect them from harsh conditions and weather.

Leaving the settings unadjusted. When vloggers move into low-light areas, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to adjust their settings, but this results in poor quality videos, which will have to be redone. Remember to adjust the settings according to the shooting conditions at all times as a way to save time.

More Tips on Vlogging with GoPro

Now that you know what mistakes you should avoid when vlogging with GoPro, let’s move on to more general tips that you can apply to  your everyday GoPro vlogging.

Time-lapse videos should be included. The GoPro camera modes such as time lapse are among its most visually appealing shooting features. 

When you do a time-lapse, you can film any activity. You can do a running competition, take a picture of the sunset, go for a drive, or take a boat trip. There are plenty of ways to spice up your vlogs with some variety. GoPro vlogs made with time lapses have a dynamic appeal that makes them more enticing for viewers.

Make sure the battery life is as long as possible. The only thing worse than spotting a perfect shot and not having enough power to actually shoot it with your GoPro is running out of power. If you want to avoid this from happening, either turn off Wi-Fi whenever possible or carry around an extra battery all the time with you to extend the battery life of your GoPro.

A good soundtrack is essential. Make your vlogs as compelling as possible with great music selections. Check out our guide on how to find music for your vlogs if you want to know how to do it easily.

A great deal depends on the lighting. When possible, shoot in natural light. Your videos will become clearer and more engaging instantly if you do so. It might be a good idea to consider investing in GoPro accessories or professional artificial lighting if you cannot shoot during the day.

Transitions are important. Making transitions into your vlogs will enhance the viewing experience and let you express your creative side. 

When you are using a GoPro, you have plenty of options for making transitions, and many of them are quite simple. You can learn more about transitions in your GoPro vlogs by watching Jake Rich’s 5 Must Know GoPro Transitions video.

Start each vlog with a powerful statement. The truth is, if you do not catch the viewer’s attention during the first few minutes of your video, there is a good chance that they will move on to the next. Consider your videos’ intros carefully in order to avoid this problem and to capture your viewers’ attention right at the start.

Organize yourself. The amount of clips you will have when you sit down to edit is undeniable. If you want to make things easier, organize your GoPro files, name them appropriately, and separate them based on which videos they belong to.

Thanks for following along with our GoPro vlogging guide. Hopefully you found it useful. You can easily get some captivating shots by following these simple steps even if vlogging with GoPro appears intimidating at first.

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