50 Unique Vlog Ideas to Try – No 10 Gonna SHOCK😲 You

50 Unique Vlog Ideas to Try – No 10 Gonna SHOCK😲 You

Having trouble finding new ideas for your vlogs? Here are 50 unique vlog ideas to help you get new ideas.

You will probably agree with me when I say it’s very difficult to consistently upload entertaining vlogs of high quality.

By creating new original content on this list, you should be able to attract more viewers.

First Vlog

How do you get started with vlogging? Here are some tips that will help beginners get started.

1. Introduction

Especially if this is your first vlog, start with an introduction video! Tell your viewers a little bit about you and how the vlogging channel can benefit them. What you do and how sincere you are about it.

Many people have never heard of you, and they need to know more about you before they decide whether they want to subscribe to your vlogs or not.

2. Why Are You Vlogging?

Starting a vlog has a reason why you want to make a video, so your first video is a perfect opportunity to communicate this reason.

It may be your dream to become a famous youtuber or you just want to capture and share memories of your life.

3. Future Channel Plans

How often will you upload videos, what kind of content will you be uploading and what will be your objectives for your channel? Tell your viewers what you envision for your channel.

4. Overcoming a Personal Struggle

Every one of us is dealing with or has dealt successfully with their own personal struggles.

By talking openly about this, you prove to viewers that you are human.

Personal Unique Vlog Ideas to Try


These unique vlog ideas for your channel are for videos that focus on you so your viewers can learn more about you.

5. Share Your Goals

What is your life’s ambition? What do you want to do, what do you want to achieve in life? Where do you want to be and where would you like to live? Each of us have aspirations and they show a lot about us.

6. Your Morning/Night Routine

Before going to school or work do you have a daily routine? What do you do before going to sleep at night?

Everybody’s routine is different and it’s great to know about other people’s routines.

7. Your Bucket List

A number of people keep a bucket list of things they need to accomplish during their lifetimes. What’s on yours?

Going skydiving? Traveling all over the world?

8. House or Room Tour

You can devote an entire video to showing a particular room or house because most viewers will only see one camera angle, but the rest of your place is hidden.

Make a video showcasing your games or technology related setup and equipment so we can get an inside look into what you’re using to produce your videos.

9. Day In The Life

In your vlogs, you usually only show the highlights of your day over time but why not give your viewers a complete look into what a normal day in the life actually is. Doing so gives your viewers a feeling for the amount of time they actually spend with you.

11. Facts About You

You can use your list of interesting facts to tell your viewers everything from what you’re allergic to to what your biggest fear is.

10. Draw My Life

This type of video consists of a story you tell that is accompanied by drawings that illustrate your life. You don’t have to be very good at drawing to create this kind of video. The drawings are just there to help you tell your story and will make the video entertaining to watch. The easiest way to do this is with a small whiteboard and non-permanent markers, though using a pen and paper will do as well.

12. Tell a Story

Finally, you can share a story about your life that you think will be entertaining to your viewers. Share an interesting story that will entertain them.

I bet you have more than one story about you that you’ve never thought of.

13. Rant

Almost any topic, such as sports, hobbies or school, can be used for a rant video.

14. Worst or Least Favorite [insert topic]

Instead of picking the favorite episodes/movies we suggest you pick the least favorite episodes/movies of all time. Why are those episodes/movies so awful?

15. Share a Talent or Skill

Put together a video that showcases a special talent you have or an interesting skill you have. It doesn’t have to be unique.

Maybe you can play the guitar or sing really well, or maybe you’d like to do funny impersonations.

16. Behind The Scenes

Videos attract viewers who only see the results of your work, such as the final product. With vlogs, you can show your viewers what goes into making one.

17. Best or Favorite [insert topic]

Create a video that mentions your favorite activities, movies, music, products or anything else. This can be done by creating a top five or top ten video and explaining why you love these items, movies etc.

The five movies or television shows you like best.

18. Cover an Event

Take your camera with you to cool events like concerts, sports matches, food truck festivals, etc., and share the experience with your audience.

Funny Vlogs

funny-vlogs Unique Vlog Ideas

Check out these Vlog ideas if you want to make your audience laugh!

19. Pranks

YouTube can be a great place for pranks since they go viral and can generate a ton of views and subscribers. You can search around by looking for pranks on YouTube that are popular and tend to receive a lot of likes and comments.

Everyone involved can enjoy the pranks as long as they stay fun. See the best YouTube Challenges you should do.

20. Challenges

Challenges on YouTube are a great alternative to coming up with ideas for your YouTube vlog. We have compiled a list of YouTube challenges to inspire you. Challenges are fun and easy to record and not time-consuming to watch.

21. Reacting To

Watching reaction videos on YouTube can make you laugh and feel amused. Reaction videos are videos where you react to ‘something’. You can view other people’s videos, your YouTube comments, funny or scary videos, or anything else that will cause an entertaining reaction.

22. Parody

Parodies of movies, music clips, or videos can be funny, even though they can be tricky to get right.

The video may get you more subscribers if it becomes popular.

Informational Vlogs

Unique Vlog Ideas

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t”

Youtube is an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and learning new things. Share your knowledge with the world!

23. “How To..”

Videos on a certain topic work well for ‘how-to’ videos and tutorials since they share detailed information with your viewers. This is especially true for YouTube channels that have a niche focus.

Nowadays many people search for YouTube videos on the topic that they need help with because it’s a great visual way to learn. This could result in people finding your channel through a video that demonstrates how to do something.

24. Explain a Topic or Concept

You can share your knowledge of a particular topic with viewers who lack knowledge about it through your work, school or hobbies.

25. Review

Sharing our experiences with these things with our audience will help us to better understand what they like and why they dislike something.

Travel Vlogs

Unique Vlog Ideas

Vlogging about travel is a great idea, and here’s some inspiration for the travel vlogger!

26. What’s in my Bag?

Tell your viewers how long you will be away and what you will be bringing. Tell them where you are heading and what you are doing there.

27. Talk About Your Next or Previous Trip

Do you have any plans to travel to another country in the near future, and why? Did you go anywhere last time and did it meet your expectations?

28. Travelling Tips (or Do’s and Don’ts)

Have you traveled a lot? Then you probably know a few things about what you should and shouldn’t do.

How do you prepare for long flights? What packing tips would you give others?

29. Talk About Your Budget

Travelling is often complicated because it can be really expensive or really cheap depending on where you go. Although many people hate talking about money, it’s always worthwhile to hear about other people’s experiences with it.

30. Travel Stories

A great travel story excites everyone, so you certainly possess some good travel stories from your own travels.

Let’s talk about a time on a trip that you did something funny, interesting, or scary.

Unique Fitness Vlogs

Unique Vlog Ideas

If you like to keep fit then here are some vlog ideas related to fitness.

31. Show a Workout

Workout with your viewers. Take them with you as you work out and show them your exercise routine so they can follow along.

32. What I Eat in a Day

Keep in mind that nutrition is an essential part of staying healthy. Please tell your viewers how you eat on a regular basis so you stay healthy.

33. How To Do X

Getting into a sport can be challenging for people who don’t know much about it. Be a source of useful information!

To avoid injuries, you should demonstrate how to do certain exercises or warm up before you exercise.

34. Transformation Video

Video viewers will be interested in a video in which you show significant weight loss or muscle gain.

Your transformation began for what reasons and how did you accomplish it? How has it influenced your life?

Unique Vlog Ideas for Couples

Unique Vlog Ideas

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend available to attend the channel remotely? If so, you could bring them along to the channel to let your viewers get to know them, and it would be easier for your channel to make videos than it would be if you were doing it alone.

35. How We Met

The beginning of each relationship is unique, whether the beginning is romantic or funny or awkward. No matter how your relationship starts, it always makes for a great vlog.

36. Relationship Advice

Making a video of your relationship with your partner during rough times might be useful to others who are experiencing the same.

37. Boyfriend does my makeup

It makes for an excellent hilarious video since most guys do not know anything about makeup.

38. Do a Youtube Challenge

You can make YouTube challenges even more funny if you do them with the right partner. Here are a few different YouTube challenges to choose from.

Friends & Family Vlogs

friends_family Unique Vlog Ideas

You can make your vlogs more entertaining by including your friends and family.

Additionally, it is much simpler than making your own vlog.

39. Sibling/Parent Tag

Get together with your siblings and answer questions about them on video. If you do not have any siblings, then you can also do this with friends.

Ex. What does the other person like or dislike about them? What is their biggest dream or nightmare? If you could describe them in one word, which would it be?

40. How You Met Your Friends

Let me ask you what you and your friends did to meet each other. Did you meet in school or did you meet because you lived on the same street? Tell me what you thought of each other when you first met.

41. Quiz

Involving someone else in your vlogs can be done by taking a quiz. There are tons of quizzes online you can take or come up with your own. questions for a quiz. Quizzes are a great way to involve your partner, friends or family in your vlogs.

Vlogs With Others

alondra-olivas Unique Vlog Ideas

There are plenty of ways to involve other people in your vlogs.

42. Q&A Video

A Q&A video lets your audience ask you questions directly on your social media accounts or within the comments sections of your posts. A Q&A video is a great way for your audience to get to know you better.

43. Ideas of Your Viewers

A lot of your audience probably leaves comments on your vlog about what they like about it or what they want to see more of in your vlogs if it has already established a little bit of an audience.

Watch your video and listen to what your viewers tell you about how they can watch more videos. If you incorporate their feedback into your video, it really shows that you value your audience and take them seriously.

44. Do a Giveaway

You can give away a good product to your audience while also getting to know them better by asking them a question to participate so they become interested.

45. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Answer some common questions that keep coming up in the comments if you have been on YouTube for some time. Write these down and prepare a video where you address all of them in one go so that it will be easy to refer to in the future.

46. Collaborate With Another YouTuber

You can gain a lot of subscribers when you collaborate with another youtuber, so don’t hesitate to do it!

Please find a youtuber who does similar content and has about the same number of subscribers as you. A 1 million subscriber channel is unlikely to cooperate with a 100 subscriber channel.

Keeping up with the latest trends is important because you can take advantage of current trends in fashion and gadgets, as well as what is being viewed on YouTube.

You can look at what other YouTubers are doing for new ideas for your vlog if you run out of ideas. We recommend using the Trending tab to see what videos are currently hot and see if you can incorporate some of these videos into your vlog.

You can find all the trending videos on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending

48. Look at Other Channels

It’s a great way to know what’s hot on the Internet right now by checking out what others are doing similar to you.

See if there are any recommended videos that show up next to yours or other channels that are making similar videos to yours.

Miscellaneous Vlog Ideas

Unique Vlog Ideas

The additional Unique vlog ideas below didn’t quite fit into the previous category, but are still good for vlogs.

49. Gaming Video

If you have a gaming channel this unique vlog ideas isn’t really new but if you usually vlog about your life. Why not try a gaming video?

Gaming videos are always fun to watch and there are many, many games to pick from. From simple online games to games on your PC or gaming console. You can pick any type of game that you think best suits your audience.

50. Video Edit

Video editing is a good way to put some creativity into your videos. The Video editing is not the same thing as content, so it’s important to focus on which angles to film from, which camera settings to use, what timing to use and other such things.

Doing short edits can also be incorporated into your regular daily vlogs if you don’t want to devote a whole video to them.

Final Thoughts Vlog Ideas

Perhaps you will incorporate some vlog ideas from this information into your own vlog!

We have a selection of videos that may provide inspiration for general Unique vlog ideas for YouTube. Click to see how to become a Travel Vlogger

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