Sony A6400 Vs. A6600 Camera | Which Is Best and Why?

Sony A6400 Vs. A6600 Camera | Which Is Best and Why?

Suppose you are out on a trip. You reach the place, and a beautiful scene crosses you. It is a beautiful flower that is blossoming, and you are all set to snap that scene. 

You search for something in your bag only to find out you are missing your camera. You put your hand in the bag only to find out the emptiness. 

How would you feel? Obviously, you would regret it as you have forgotten something important. Needless to say, that is the necessity of Vlogging cameras in today’s world. Cameras have occupied all the aspects of our lives. 

Whether it is a family function, outing, or just nothing, a camera is essential. Can you recall an occasion or a memory when you refrained from using a camera? Well, it is not easy in today’s time. 

Now that you have recalled how the lack of a camera ruined your trip learn about the features of some specific models

In this article, the entire discussion is about two variants of Sony cameras. Sony a6400 and a6600 are two different cameras of the same parents. 

Let us see how they differ from each other. Since it is important to have proper factual information, here are some points of separation. This research would be helpful in selecting one of the two variants when selection becomes tough. 

To get the best video quality when filming with both these cameras, you must use a gimbal. We recommend this gimbal for Sony A6400 for smooth video recording.

Gimbal for Sony A6400
Gimbal for Sony A6400

Sony A6400 Vs. A6600

Body: When comparing the bodies of Sony a6400 and a6600, both of them have the same longitudinal measurements.

However, the former weighs 403 g while the latter weighs 503 g. Quantitative estimates describe the latter to be twenty-five percent heavier than the former one. Both of them are dust and splash-proof. 

Although the size considerations are not complete without considering the case of the interchangeable lenses, the dimensions are identical. Perhaps this is the reason why the former is thirty-six times cheap. However, the depth of the former is 50 m while that of the latter is 69 m.

Sony A6400
Sony A6400

Sony A6400

Sensors: Sensors are an important component of the cameras. Apart from detecting the signals, they affect the image quality. Talking of the output in both, the a6600 serves as the better one. 

This might be due to the technological advancements introduced. Since the manufacturers took seven months to introduce the latter one, this explains the advancement. Comparing the pixel size, pixel density, and sensitivity, they are all the same. 

However, the ISO certification is ISO 100 to ISO 32000, extendable up to ISO 102400. The DXO specifications are 24 and 23.8, landscape differences are 13.4 and 13.6, sports are 1431 and 1397, and overall is 83 and 82, respectively.

Feature: Now, when it comes to features, let us talk about the flash. While the a6400 has one onboard flash, the other one has none. The feature of turning the rear front screen seems too interesting to the bloggers. 

The shutter speed information for the a6600 variant is different from the former one. This makes it possible to go for silent shooting. However, shooting moving pictures or videos is somewhat difficult. This involves the risk of rolling the shutter. 

Flickering is the possible result of shooting under artificial light. With the help of an interval meter, it is possible to shoot some beautiful scenes. For example, shoot a blooming flower, a sunset, and a moonrise. This will also reduce the need for external trigger software and external cameras.

Sony A6600

Connectivity: Sometimes, it is important for the cameras to communicate with the surroundings, it is important. 

Speaking of the functionality, it is important to transfer the data and accessory control. Everything in the communication aspect is similar except for the headphone port. While the port is missing in the a6400 variant, it is present in the a6600.

With the help of this headphone jack, recording is made interesting. Simply attach the microphone and monitor the quality of the recording.

Weight: It is obvious that carrying the equipment with less weight would be preferable. Thus, the Sony a6400 is your perfect lightweight companion. On the other hand, the a6600 variant is twenty to twenty-five percent heavier as compared to the first variant. 

Would this not make your journey easier and lighter? Also, the cost of this one is comparatively lesser than the latter one, as already discussed.

The Sony a6400 variant is introduced with a small onboard flash to brighten the deep shadow areas. However, both these variants offer high-quality HD quality HDR video recording that enables you to make YouTube videos. Also, both of them differ in the 1:1 ratio.

Quick differences between Sony a6400 and a6600

Here are some short yet crisp points of differentiation between the concerned models. In other words, they are a summarized collection of the differentiation points. Go through them to find out the simplified differences between the two models.

  • While the Sony a6400 is affordable as compared to the a6600 version, the better quality of the images or the videos is possible with the second one.
  • While the first one is better for capturing panoramic shots or boomerang-type shots, the second one would be better for making high-quality, professional, and engaging videos.
  • For flash, the a6400 is a better option. If you need to go for capturing more photographs, going for the second option is recommended.
  • While the first one is a lightweight companion for your casual or professional photography journey, the second one has other features. The feature of capturing further images is appreciable when you carry the kit. It is the extra weight, but if it gives you quality, then why not get it?
  • The wider lens kit in the first one allows you to capture much more in the same scene if done with any ordinary camera. While the second mod el allows you to use newly developed features. Also, the feature of monitoring the quality of the recording is excellent.
  • The battery life specifications of the Sony a6400 enable the user to capture a prescribed number of shots. For example, for stills, the limit is 410. The limit for stills EVF/ OVF is 360 shots.
  • Also, you can use the Sony a6400 for underwater photography. The camera body is covered with moisture, and dust protection allows you to capture the best underwater photography footage.

Factors affecting the camera choice

Since not everyone can afford the expensive version, there are many factors that affect the purchasing choices. 

On the other hand, it is necessary for professionals to get the best version. So, here are some factors that might describe this:

Sony A6400 Front View
Sony A6400 Front View
  • Budget is the first thing that affects any purchase. If something fits your budget, nothing can stop you. However, sometimes some factors can influence this budget factor.
  • Level of photography: If you are a beginner, you might be fine with a normal or affordable camera. Things change when your needs upgrade to those of a professional. You need an expensive setup plus maintenance too. Also, if you are a blogger or a professional photographer/ videographer, your needs can be too high.
  • Hobby or job: One more thing, it is easy to adjust to a hobby. While you have to get everything mandatory in a job, it can cause problems. Regardless of any circumstance, you have to manage it. For example, in the case of wedding photographers, they need to have the best equipment as well as the skills.


Sony a6400 and a6600 are both the products of one of the top-selling companies. However, there are certain differences that make them worth comparing. While the first one is less costly, its affordability is overpowered by the lack of features. 

Those features are found in another one, but again, it is tough to carry. Almost all the differences like battery life, number of shots, underwater photography, and other features differ. 

However, certain factors also influence your choices, and this is why considering the features of these is the next thing. When the buyer is comfortable with a model, the purchase becomes easier.

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