15 Reasons of Why Vlogging is Worth It in 2021

15 Reasons of Why Vlogging is Worth It in 2021

Vlogging is an emerging trend. Some people like the idea to start Vlogging, while some cannot think about it. I found some interesting reasons to start a vlog which you most probably have not thought about.

If you are thinking “What is a Vlog?” then first go through this article on what actually is a vlog? Here’s how it can be defined – A Vlog consists of short clips that are recorded with the help of electronic devices and then published online on social media platforms or video hosting websites for promotional purposes. Now let us study some reasons why you should start your own vlog…I am sure after reading these points, you would want to start one 🙂

1) You can connect more with your Audience

If you are already a blogger, then you might have got an idea about the importance of an audience. You need an audience to share your ideas with so that more and more people know what you are doing. If you have a vlog, it will be easy for you to get connected to your viewers on the Internet. You can upload short clips related to new products or services which you are offering in the market, along with their features, benefits, etc.

2) Share new Tips & Tricks

As I mentioned above, if you are already a blogger, then most probably you already know that there is always something new popping up in this digital world every now and then. There’s always something new in the market which you can try out or there is always some new product coming into the market that you might not know about. If you have a vlog, it is very likely that your audience will get to know about all these things through your vlog. For example, if you are eating at a restaurant, instead of just uploading pictures of the food over Instagram, why not make a short clip of what exactly do they offer?

3) You can use it as an effective promotional tool

When I say promotion, I don’t mean using paid ads only. There are many free ways too to promote your products or services on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. A Vlog is one of them! Even though Facebook does not support videos in its newsfeed, you can upload a video similar to a status update on your Facebook page and link it back to your website. Most of us spend considerable time on social media platforms nowadays, so uploading short clips on those sites will definitely help you get the required attention from your targeted audience.

4) You can make new friends

As I mentioned above, Vlogging is an emerging trend. There are lots of people who start vlogging only because they want to connect with more and more people over the Internet. If you have a vlog, then there is a high possibility that you will find some like-minded people and connect with them and build good friendships over the internet.

5) Build Brand Awareness

This is one of the most important reasons why you should start a Vlog. If you have a new product or service in the market, then uploading short clips related to that product or service on your channel will help more and more people get aware of the existence of that particular product. This will eventually lead them towards buying it!

6) You can do something creative

There are many people who love creating videos of themselves talking about their experiences over a wide range of topics that they want to discuss with their viewers. Not only this is an easy task, but even very interesting at times. There are lots of channels on YouTube where some individuals from different backgrounds come up with some really creative ideas by vlogging for hours together on their channel If you have an interesting idea too, then you can also do the same and educate more and more people out there.

7) You can get your voice across to others

Many times we think that we have a great idea or an innovative way of doing something. But if we don’t get a chance to communicate it properly, it will remain like that only in our minds! Even though blogging is another effective way of sharing your ideas with other people, but writing posts on the internet will always require some effort from your side. If you want to say something in a succinct and straightforward manner, vlogging might be a good option for you 🙂

Other Reasons

  1. You’re bored of the same old social media format and you want to try something new.
  2. You like to be creative and want a new challenge for yourself.
  3. You’re an avid selfie-taker and you want to take your vanity to the next level.
  4. You feel like no one knows what you’re thinking, but they wanna know.
  5. Because it’s easier than texting.
  6. Vlogging is cheaper than therapy (for some people).
  7. It’s your vacation and you can share it with your friends and family while you travel!
  8. You wanna show off your favorite places in the world while simultaneously making bank on YouTube Ads (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
  9. Because vloggers get paid $$$ just for talking about products they use! And that’s just the beginning. You can get paid for your vlog too.
  10. If you’re a pleb and don’t know how to fly, vlogging gives you wings!
  11. Hey… vlogs are great way to get over social anxiety and gain some new friends.
  12. You wanna practice your speaking skills and learn some cool editing tricks too.
  13. It’s a natural extension of your selfie library 😉
  14. You can travel in time with GoPro Time-lapse Vlogs.
  15. Because vloggers make movies now !!! Think of all the big stars in Hollywood that started out as vloggers (Zac Efron, Shaq, George Takei, and many more).
  16. Because vloggers make lots of money doing sponsored videos like these: Nerdy Nummies | Epic Meal Time | Markiplier | Pewdiepie
  17. Last but not least, since this is something which you are going to enjoy doing.

So, these are some of the most important reasons why you should start vlogging today! As I mentioned above, there are lots of people who share their experiences over Facebook & Instagram only through short clips.

Even though this may sound like something new to you guys, but it is definitely not! People have been sharing their opinions on YouTube for years now and there are many channels that get millions of views per day.

You can also create your channel on YouTube in less than 10 minutes and upload your first video after that if you want to. So what exactly are you waiting for? Go ahead and start vlogging right away 🙂

And yes…don’t forget to tell me about it when you are going to start your own vlog.

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