10 Fruit Photography Ideas You Should Know in 2022

10 Fruit Photography Ideas You Should Know in 2022

Fruit is a versatile subject that makes for some of the best photographs. We also have fruit in our fridge and fruit bowls, which makes this food highly accessible.

Numerous types of fruit can be found nationwide, and they all have different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes, from tiny red cherries to enormous pineapples. Take a look at these 10 fruit photography ideas to try if you want to showcase your creativity and learn new skills.

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1. Single-Color Fruit

Although photography is often characterized by contrast and a variety of colors, it can also be engaging to blend a single color to create a dramatic picture. Taking photos of fruit fits right into this style.

As you can see in the picture below, orange slices are arranged overlapping each other. It’s a bold photo that really emphasises the different shades of orange and yellow, complemented by the repeated pattern of the overlapping circles and the texture of segments.

Single fruit photography
Single fruit photography

Simply pick a fruit with a single color that is strong in order to get a photo like this. Apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries are some of the fruits that fall under this category. They can be arranged in tight Shoot using a small aperture so that all fruit is in focus once you arrange the containers or rows in an overlapping formation. Post-processing may be useful for increasing the saturation or hue of a photo.

2. Fruit in Its Natural State

Most of the time when we photograph fruit, we place it on a plate or counter, away from its natural habitat. You can take some beautiful, interesting, and fun photos by doing this. Is it possible to photograph the trees with fruit still on them? A beautiful orchard bursting with orange and apple trees may be what you’re looking for. Take photos of unpicked fruit, as it is one of the best ideas for fruit photography.

grapes photography
grapes photography

Why not show fruit still hanging on the tree?

You may want to check out a local orchard if you can. You can also take pictures of your garden’s fruit trees or bushes if you are lucky enough to have them. Berry bushes can easily be found when walking outdoors. The With the natural setting, you will be able to photograph fruit in a completely different way – photos that reflect where the fruit comes from before it is picked or processed.

3. Single Fruit Portraits

You can also take simple fruit portraits even when most fruit photos require a complex setup. When you photograph a single piece of fruit in different settings, it is always satisfying.

An apple, for example, is visible on a table in the below photo. I’m just painting a simple apple portrait – nothing too complicated! This picture is great because it is simple and the surroundings make it great.

Fruit photography
Fruit photography

You can also learn some basic photography techniques by taking this type of photo. You can experiment with aperture settings to make sure that only the subject of the photograph is in focus, for example. If you took the above The apple and the background would both be fairly sharp in a photo taken at f/11, for example. Alternatively, a wider aperture, such as f/4 or 5, would have brought just the apple into focus.

4. Fruit Splash!

Would you like some fun with fruit? Why not try a fruit splash photography session? (But be prepared to get wet!) Fruit photography is one of the most exciting ideas.

This game requires only the drop of fruit into a container of water and the capture of the resulting splash. If you have the skills, you will have amazing results:

Fruit splash
Fruit splash

Having captured the strawberry as it touches the water, and the water that cascades from the impact point, the photo above is perfectly composed.

It does require some equipment and setup to use this more advanced photographic technique. You will also need a dark backdrop to place behind the water container as well as a large container of water.

As well as a tripod and remote shutter, you’ll need a remote shutter. For your camera to be stable, you will have to mount a tripod, since you will be dropping fruit off of it beside the container. You’ll also need a remote shutter to avoid manually pressing the shutter release button on the camera.

To capture the splash in perfect focus, you’ll need high shutter speeds and burst mode on your camera.

5. Cooking/Baking Shots

Forget about abstract fruit photos for a minute and take some pictures of fruit you are using to bake or cook? Fruit is often used as the main ingredient in most dishes and desserts. In the photo above, you can see that the fruits are arranged in pots around a central salad bowl, and this looks like it could be a salad or fruit salad:

Fruits for baking
Fruits for baking

It is also possible to make displays with fruit when baking and cooking!

Taking this type of photo gives you the opportunity to be highly creative. As an example, you could take action photos as the chopped, baked, or cooked food is being prepared. In addition, you might choose to take set-piece shots, as in the photograph above.

If you experiment with different angles – like a lower angle, near your kitchen counter, for instance – then you can create countless possibilities. By adding various fruits to the cooking photo, this type of picture is made more interesting both from a color and pattern perspective.

6. Fruit Collages

Because fruits can be chopped and sliced, they are wonderfully versatile. Moreover, different fruits contain several different components. A fruit, such as an apple, has a skin, a fleshy interior, a core, and seeds. It possesses a lot of variety, which makes it an excellent material for collages.

Fruits collage
Fruits collage

Below is a picture showing this. Take a look at how neatly the fruits, leaves, and seeds are arranged. They make for a visually interesting arrangement. Additionally, the different types of fruits have contrasting colors.

It is also possible to make interesting collages with different types of fruit!

You can get incredibly creative with fruit collages, which are incredibly simple to make. Begin by choosing a background with neutral colors. The gray work surface above keeps the attention focused on the fruit instead of drawing attention to the surface. Now, start chopping up some fruits, and make a colorful arrangement with them!

Combining fruits and arranging contrasting colors next to one another will help your presentation stand out. In this instance, there actually aren’t any rules; use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

7. Fruit Arrangement/Basket Photos

Because of the incredible variety of fruits and the colors they exhibit, fruit arrangements and fruit baskets look wonderful when photographed. In addition, fruit arrangements and fruit baskets are easy to make; if you have fruit at home, you can easily make them to shoot!

Fruits in basket
Fruits in basket

You will need a container to hold the fruit. For example, a fruit bowl. Put several types of fruit in it. You should arrange the fruit randomly and evenly distribute the colors.

In the following photo, you can see that a fruit basket shot can be highly effective. Fruits such as grapes, oranges, strawberries, pears, and apples are in this photograph. There are many fantastic colors in this painting, but there is a basket in the foreground with contrasting colors and patterns.

Consider creating a colorful fruit basket to demonstrate the variety of colors.

You can also experiment with different apertures when taking this type of photo. You can, for example, focus on a section of your arrangement by making the aperture larger. An alternative would be to use a small aperture so that the entire arrangement would be in focus.

8. Fruit Macro

You cannot go wrong with fruit macro photography as your best fruit photography idea! Generally, macro photography is awesome, but there are some really bizarre and wonderful macro images you can create using fruit. You can easily create diverse macro shots of fruit because it has so many different components.

A kiwi, for instance, is a good example. You could have taken this macro shot of the strange brown furry skin on the outside. This may be the second macro shot of the Kiwi, which has the strange stem extension connecting it to the tree. When the kiwi is halved, you’ll get an amazing green-and-white pattern interior, making for an interesting third image.

Inside of pomegranate seed
Inside of pomegranate seed

This photo shows a close-up of a fruit’s seeds and the inside of a fruit. A completely new perspective is gained from the photo.

Fruit is also an interesting macro subject.

With indoor macro photography involving fruit, a tripod will help keep things steady, and a macro lens would be a great addition. For the best results, you should use a large aperture, such as f/2.8, when you want to emphasize a specific part of the fruit.

9. Fruit Stalls

It is hard to imagine anything more fascinating than a colorful fruit stall at a local market. The marketplaces are a great place to go when you are traveling or exploring a local town; you’ll find stalls filled with interesting items, and you’ll find human activity all around.

Especially fruit stalls are fascinating to photograph, especially when they are bursting with color. In the photo below, you can see a fruit stall in a local market. Visually appealing with a lot of interesting things to look at, the picture intrigues the viewer. Bananas, apples, melons, and grapes add color contrast, while the patterns created by the fruit bunches make for an interesting composition.

Fruit photography tips
Fruit photography tips

However, you should always ask for permission before taking a picture of an owner if you come across a fruit stand. Every owner may not be comfortable with the idea of having their business photographed! By talking In addition, the entire experience is more enjoyable for the owner, which allows them to relax more. Maybe even participate in the shoot so you can capture some cool portrait shots!

10. Fruit and Wildlife

Nature cannot function without fruit. Birds, among other animals, depend on it as a food source. How about capturing this interaction and practicing two styles at once? If the bird feeder in your garden is free, why not? Perhaps you should place some fruit on it in small sections to attract birds.

Fruits and wildlife
Fruits and wildlife

It is possible to capture some beautiful photos even with a simple subject. An example of this can be seen in the above picture, where a bird is seen flying past some small orange segments. In this context, the orange fruit is striking in contrast to the beautifully green bird.

A telephoto lens is an essential piece of equipment when taking this type of picture. To achieve the best results, you’ll need a lens with a fairly long focal length – preferably 300mm or more. Using this method, you’ll be able to observe the fruit and wildlife from a safe distance without disturbing them.


You can see from these fruit photography ideas that there are endless opportunities to create beautiful images because of the colors, shapes, and textures of fruit! The possibilities are endless with regard to how you can capture images, from simple fruit images to elaborate water splashes.

Our goal is to provide you with inspiration and a few exciting ideas to try after reading this article. If you’re eager to start, attempt to recreate some of these images by raiding your refrigerator today.

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