Top 5 Best Video Lighting Kits For Videographers & YouTubers 2022

Top 5 Best Video Lighting Kits For Videographers & YouTubers 2022

The most important aspect of videography is framing and lighting. By combining these two elements together, cinematographers can create some of the most iconic scenes of all time. A video creator can use several different types of best video lighting kits for general lighting purposes

The same rules apply to YouTubers, Vloggers, and videographers! However, instead of spending thousands of dollars on studio lights, there are many alternative and cheaper options available.

During my research and testing I have determined the best video lighting kits for you that won’t break the bank. But first…

Different types of video lighting kits

Video Lighting Kits

A video creator can use several different types of lighting kits for general lighting purposes. Different continuous lighting kits have their own strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, all of these solutions are great.

  • Ring lights are perfect for very close up subjects such as a make up tutorial. They can also be used in portrait style video shoots. They provide virtually shadow free lighting. That range, however, means they are not as practical as they once were.
  • Using softboxes and umbrellas gives videographers options as to how to adjust the light source they are taking. We have included equipment that comes with light fixtures already integrated. Umbrellas and softboxes are typically easy to set up and can be placed in order to create shadows and lighting ratios, or for flatter light without shadows.
  • The addition of Boom lights gives us greater lighting control, particularly on people or products. Some are available in kits with other lights, but we can also use boom lights with any existing lighting array.
  • Panel LED lights offer good light output at low power and with little heat. Some LED panel lights can be changed from low to high power level and even adjust their color temperature. These are good for location use because they are usually very portable for their high light output.
  • A lot of on camera lights are small battery-powered LED panel lights. Some come with light modifiers such as a soft box or a softbox.

Things to consider while buying the video lighting kits

Best video lighting kits

Since not all video kits are created equal, I gave myself a certain set of criteria while researching. This ensured I chose the best products that gave me the best versatility and value.

  • Size and weight. YouTubers, videographers, and vloggers often travel from one location to another to shoot. Being truly portable is a must for any camera mounted light.
  • Versatility. Many kits are versatile because they include different items for various purposes.
  • Brightness. Bright light is great, but we need to be able to control its brightness depending on lighting conditions and styles.
  • Power supply. Video lights powered by batteries are extremely portable, while higher intensity lights will need AC power. A few light sources have the ability to be powered either way.
  • Ease of set up. When we have difficulty setting up our lighting, that kills our time. We don’t want to be fiddling with components while the subject waits to be filmed.
  • Price. A professional video lighting kit shouldn’t be too expensive, but it shouldn’t be wasteful. The best video lighting kits provide a good balance between quality and value.

Best Video Lighting Kits For YouTuber & Videographers

1. Neewer 18″ Ring Light Video Kit

Neewer 18″ Ring Light Video Kit

One of the most useful and affordable LED lights that I’ve experienced is the Neewer 18″ ring light. Neewer is a brand that’s relatively new and yet reliable. Their lineup is outstanding and I haven’t been disappointed by their products.

A large LED ring light is used in this kit. Its inner diameter is a generous 14″ so that you can see through it while using a smartphone, compact camera, DSLR, or just looking through it while applying makeup.

It also includes two sets of cameras that are directly attached to the ring light, soft white and orange. Accessories include a camera mount, sturdy light stand, power cord and a carry bag. It also means you can easily shoot products from any angle you want at an incredible price.

Installation was easy. I plugged in the camera, attached the ring light to the thread, and turned on the light. Simple!

After setting up, there is also a goose neck which allows for variation in the lighting angle, but I found it was a little stiff. But after several uses, I noticed this stiffness dissipated, but still held onto the light securely.

I noticed the light was incredibly bright as soon as I turned the power on. I was able to adjust the brightness quite a bit by turning the adjustment knob on the power supply. The brightness ranges from 100% to 1%.

With the AC power supply, its best suited for areas with access to power because it can be packed up into the included travel bag. I was also able to reassemble in another studio or room easily with the included carry bag.

In 2022, ring lights are becoming increasingly popular. Check out the other top ring lights alternative!

The continuous shadowless light it gives is incredible for a variety of video applications. I used this video kit for capturing landscapes in portrait style while talking to the camera. This is easily in my top list, check out my compressed review here.

2. Neewer 800W 5500K Umbrella Soft box Lighting Kit

Neewer 800W 5500K

The next best video lighting kit on my list is yet another moderately priced kit from Neewer.

This is a full featured kit that includes a lighting system, umbrellas, soft boxes, and a background system.

The Neewer brand is a well-known brand that sells outstanding quality lighting, stands, and other photography accessories at very competitive prices. This kit follows that trend.

Again, there are four lights. One is permanently fixed to a soft box, while others are sockets whose mounts make them useful for hanging umbrellas on. All the lights mount to four supplied light stands that extend to about 7 feet each.

The entire process took me 20 minutes from receiving and unpacking the box to setting up. That’s not bad considering that much equipment comes with it. This set is similar to LimoStudio in many ways, such as the items it includes and the performance.

For some recent YouTube videos I used all four lights in my studio. In spite of using these lights a number of times, I’m still impressed by how much enhancing video quality a simple setup of lights can give.

Along with the lights and stands, a frame and three different colored backgrounds are included as well. The sizes of the frames are 8 12’ x 10’ and 69’. The colors are green, white, and black, with three muslin color options.

I would recommend this kit to every content creator for sure!

3. LimoStudio 800W 5500K Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

LimoStudio 800W 5500K

Among the next items on my list is a complete video kit from Limo Studio which included light fixtures, modifiers and a set of backgrounds. Quite the package! Surprisingly, the price is very reasonable too!

Each light has its own stand extending a maximum of seven feet in total. Two light fixtures are mounted permanently inside a softbox, while the other two come with simple sockets and mounting accessories. 

They can be used with front diffusion screens, or you can leave them off for a different level of light modification. They collapse in an umbrella fashion, making them easy to handle and set up and dismantle. Just remember that you must remove the bulbs before folding them up.

In the case of the other two lights, they have a mounting hole on the light stand for an umbrella to be attached. Their mounts tilt up and down for quick and straightforward light positioning.

An adjustable stand and three different muslin colored 6′ backgrounds are also included in this kit. Three colors are included that are white, green and black as well. This came in really handy for green screen shots!

Also included are a set of clamps. Three heavy duty clamps and five smaller ones attached to rings for use with the cross poles.

This kit includes 4 CFL daylight balanced bulbs and is AC powered. CFL bulbs are cool and have a color spectrum that is more similar to that of LEDs, and I recommend cooling them off before transporting them to minimize their chance of being damaged.

For the past three months, I used this video kit and was delighted at how well it worked for me! It’s a kit I keep coming back to. A must have!

4. StudioFX 2400 Watt Soft box Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

StudioFX 2400 Watt Soft box

This is a very versatile lighting source for vlogging people or products, with a three-light soft box kit and one light mounted on a boom. It comes in an attractive package, but isn’t easy to set up and tear down for location shoots.

Since each unit contains four CFL bulbs, the lights are bright and will require patience and practice to attach the soft box to the light fixture.

In a semi-permanent studio, leaving the soft boxes attached to the light unit is a viable alternative. Other options include storing large soft boxes in cars and flying them to your destination.

You can use the boom arm easily once you find the ideal counter weight for the sandbag.

 The boom arm light can also be used as a hairlight, or overhead light for tabletop shoots. Even used for stand-alone lighting, this light will be suitable for many situations, since the light has four bulbs.

5. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-color 480 LED Video Light Kit

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-color

This lighting kit includes two bi-color lights which each have 240 LEDs, so it has 480 total LEDs, two stands, power adapters, and a carrying case. I promise I am not sponsored by Neewer, but I really love their range of products.

The LED bulbs in this kit stand out because they are switchable between 3200K and 5600K color temperatures. 3200K is the industry standard color temp of studio tungsten lights, while 3600K is considered a standard color temp of daylight.

The camera can be set to a particular color temperature and the lights switched to the corresponding color, resulting in an extremely accurate color rendition of the subject and surroundings. Not to mention how bright they are!

These lights are also extremely versatile since they can be used with either batteries or AC adapters. Videographers, YouTubers, and Vloggers can take them almost anywhere with the optional rechargeable batteries.

Battery prices are higher than incandescent or CFL bulbs, and buyers will have to buy batteries separately, which will significantly raise the cost of the kit. Although the kit is pricier, for the many uses it provides, I found it worthwhile.

With this kit, you also get clip on diffusers to create a softer light. The back of the unit also includes an on/off switch, color temp control and dimmer control. LED lights need their own dimmers since most normal dimmers will not affect the light output.

I found the light stands to be extendable and heavy enough to be stable enough with these relatively small lights attached. The lights are about 10” square and are mounted on a u-shaped bracket. The brackets and mounts allow the user to adjust the lights to whatever angle required.

Battery-powered devices last approximately 90 minutes on a full charge before running out of power. The recharge process is relatively slow, so videographers who do a lot of remote work with these might want to carry extra batteries. Cords are decently long on AC power, but you may want to consider a power strip or extension cord for greater flexibility.

I’d say this is one of the best lighting kits around and one of the best video lighting kits as well!

There you have it!

The aforementioned video lighting kits are among the best out there for YouTubers, vloggers, Tik Tokers, social media creators and videographers in 2020. They all have tremendous power and are still affordable.

You can take advantage of these lights to make amazing videos no matter whether you’re filming interviews, Tik Toks, instructional videos, or simply making vlogs. Check out how to set up video lights here.

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