How to Become a Beauty Vlogger – Great Ideas 2022

How to Become a Beauty Vlogger – Great Ideas 2022

With the rise of beauty vloggers in the past few years, it’s no surprise that many aspiring YouTube creators are turning to beauty vlogs to share their expertise with other makeup fans. So if you’re interested in becoming a beauty guru on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a detailed guide in which we cover everything you need in order to be a beauty vlogger Ideas.

Beauty Vlogging has really taken off since YouTube came into play and has been growing ever since. Makeup junkies are ardent followers of beauty guru channels, learning new tips & tricks to stay on top of their hair n’ makeup game.

The days when you had to sign up for an expensive makeup course to learn the delicate art of applying makeup are long gone. Now you can receive it for free on YouTube thanks to beauty vloggers and even become a beauty vlogger yourself!

While it seems like a straightforward endeavor, there’s a lot more to beauty vlogging than it first appears, so we’ve provided everything from tools and equipment to channel promotion. 

If you’re interested in becoming a beauty guru, you just need to read on.

Find Your Niche

Even though there are many channels covering everything related to beauty and hair, it’s a good idea to narrow your focus when you first start out vlogging. It will help you stay on track without getting distracted and attract a loyal audience right from the get-go.

Ask yourself these questions to find your niche in the world of beauty vloggers:

What are you good at doing? Those who are good at makeup should concentrate on tutorials and product reviews. Those who are hairdressers who want to make the switch from a day job to beauty vlogging might focus on hair tutorials and hair care tips.

What kind of content do you enjoy seeing the most? Your journey to become a beauty guru will be a lot easier if you like watching certain types of videos.

What does your audience want? Research is always essential before starting a YouTube channel. Find out what types of channels attract viewers and why they do so well. You can start out with a head start if you already know what audiences of established beauty vloggers like watching.

Having settled on the kind of video you would like to make, let’s talk about necessary equipment.

Beauty Vlogging Equipment

Being a beauty vlogger requires familiarity with the right equipment.

Video bloggers who focus on beauty offer more sitting-down content. While you can get creative with different kinds of set-ups, this genre will demand that you make more sit-down videos. 

A quality camera, a microphone, lighting, and a tripod are a few pieces of equipment you will need at the start to get started.


Panasonic Lumix GH5

At the start of your beauty vlogging career, there is one thing we recommend you invest in and that is a high-quality make up camera. You don’t always have to pay more for quality. A good example of a beginner-friendly, budget-friendly camera is the Canon PowerShot SX620 . It’s one of the best cameras on the market, and its quality is the best available.

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a camera that aspiring makeup artists should consider . Even though it costs about $1,300, it is definitely worth the investment. It has 4K ultra HD quality with 60 frames per second which will make your makeup look much more natural on screen.

One way to get started is to use your phone. As you know, the better camera your phone has, the better videos you will be able to produce. And if there is one thing beauty gurus like to see, it’s video quality.


The camera that you choose has a mic built in. However, if your budget allows for it, you are advised to purchase an additional mic for your videos. This will enable you to enhance the audio and reduce background noise.

With the Blue Snowball, you never have to worry about the quality of the audio in your videos being poor because it delivers crisp and clear audio. Furthermore, you don’t have to install any software to use it, so you get the best of both worlds.

This Blue Yeti USB microphone offers the best audio quality. It can be used in four different modes, and the audio quality at the end is outstanding. For more recommendations, check out our 2020 mic guide!


You need to be careful when filming makeup tutorials because natural lighting in the daytime is ideal, however, you may not always be able to use this light. As a result, you can purchase artificial light bulbs and place them in your filming room. Here are the best ring lights for beauty Vloggers

Many lighting kits come with everything you need, such as a socket light and remote. The Neewer 18-inch white ring light is an amazing choice. Professional socket fixtures come in greater diameter but are more expensive. Our recommendation is the HPUSN Softbox lighting kit.


You can shoot with a tripod while filming, adjust filming angles easily, and even film yourself while you walk; it is certainly not necessary at the start, but it does make filming so much easier.

There are plenty of tripods available on Amazon, like the Joby JBO1503 gorilla pod . However, you can also use alternate equipment, such as books or boxes.

Create a YouTube Channel

As for becoming a beauty vlogger, it goes without saying that you need to create a YouTube channel first. YouTube has made it easy for everyone to establish a YouTube channel. Check out our How To Start a Vlog and Become A YouTube Vlogger guide for complete details.

Understand YouTube’s policies thoroughly before creating your channel.  

Film Your Beauty Vlogs

Now comes the fun part : filming your beauty vlogs. Though filming a video likely feels like second nature to you, here are some tips for filming your beauty vlogs that will hopefully assist you on your way.

Utilize natural light. We’ve already talked about this, but you want to make sure you make the most of natural light during the day. It’s so simple – you just need to set up your camera next to the biggest window in your home and shoot away. Makeup tutorials or YouTube makeup videos on the internet are especially important if you film them.

The last thing you want is to be unable to hear yourself on the video due to your speech being so quiet. For the best audio quality, invest in a quality microphone, or speak up if communicating with others. Check the audio quality after you have finished filming for a few minutes, then proceed to finish the video.

Make sure not to be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and share something personal. Sure, your audience is there to learn more about makeup, but that never means that you should be afraid to show your personality. Your viewers will appreciate more of you if they get a sense of who you are, which will lead them to feel more connected to you. Don’t be afraid to tell a funny story or joke about yourself, or something they did not know about you.

Make sure your YouTube videos have a beautiful background. Beauty YouTube stars always have different backgrounds on their videos. Beauty vloggers always seem to figure out what backgrounds work best, and if we can learn one thing from them, it’s to simplify things. Anything more than a fence will upset your viewers, making it harder to pay attention to what you’re saying. As a general rule, always keep your background simple. You don’t have to visit bare, colourless walls, but you ought to keep an eye out for any potential clutter that might make the shot look cluttered.

Make sure you sit or stand up straight with your shoulders back, use open body language, and relax your facial muscles. Because most communication is non-verbal, how you carry your body speaks volumes about your character and feelings of confidence.

It’s okay to write a script, but do not over and over again. Having your entire video scripted makes it seem unnatural, so write down a few points you would like to focus on, and choose what topics to include to fill out the remainder of your video.

Edit Your Beauty Vlogs

The video footage you need is in your possession, but what will you do with it?

Those who aspire to become beauty vloggers might find the following editing tips helpful for beginners.

It’s a good idea to become familiar with any video editing software you choose to use. Fortunately, most computers come with their own video editing software, so you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars in video editing software. In order to adopt the best editing software for your vlog, you should become comfortable with it before importing your footage and proceeding with the editing. Check out our comprehensive article on the topic.

Beauty Vlogger ideas
Source: CharmieJanee

Try not to go too in-depth with editing when you’re a beginner. It is tempting to try many different editing styles when you’re just starting out with a YouTube channel, but this can lead to an extremely messy video. Don’t stress too much about making your videos more creative until you get the hang of editing, so long as your audio and video quality is satisfactory.

Make sure you include a close-up of your makeup finish when filmed makeup tutorials. Include a close-up at the beginning and at the end of your video. Film the close-up in good lighting from different angles.

When filming your video, take close-ups of each product you’re using. People want to see how the products look on their own, which is why you can save time by taking close-ups at the end rather than standing up each time to hold a new product.

Promote Your Channel

You need to promote your channel to the world if you want to reach a bigger audience. Keep in mind the following whenever you promote your channel to the world:

Make better use of social media and hashtags. Share new videos on various social media platforms using appropriate, SEO-friendly hashtags. Speaking of social media, run Facebook and Instagram ads. It’s a great and easy way to get noticed by new people across multiple platforms.

Make sure to upload regularly. Not only will your viewers appreciate it, but YouTube’s algorithm will appreciate it as well. You’ll enjoy one-on-one interaction with your fans if you are constantly uploading.

Getting to grips with SEO. Behind every successful makeup guru channel, there’s amazing SEO. It’s a crucial part of becoming a beauty vlogger. You can optimize your video titles quickly and easily by using Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool . Since this does not take much time, you can use these tools to help you. Many tools allow you to determine the top-ranking keywords you should use.

Use trending topics. YouTube beauty gurus should ideally always keep track of current topics and trends. You can use resources such as Google, other YouTube videos, or popular websites that talk about makeup and beauty. Trending topics will increase your chances of having your videos recommended to potential new subscribers, growing the viewership of your channel.

Provide contests for your subscribers. If you are not familiar with giveaways, it’s a contest in which you give something back to your community. In return for these free prizes, YouTube beauty gurus usually require subscribers to subscribe to their channels and comment on their videos. Subscribers love free stuff, so giveaways are great for getting people to subscribe. These giveaways help increase video engagement since you’re getting comments from people who wouldn’t normally subscribe.

If you can, include multiple playlists on your channel with different themes. That way, subscribers can find you quickly and easily, and your videos get more views. Where possible, name your playlists so you do not confuse your viewers.

Respond to some of the comments on your YouTube videos and leave a comment or a like back to your audience. Interact with your audience and remind them to like/subscribe. Additionally, be sure to remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel, like your videos, and comment on them. This will lead to more interaction, which is of course great to promote your channel.

How to Get Products to Review as a Beauty Guru

Hailey Sani Beauty Vlogger ideas
Source: Hailey Sani

It is an essential element of being a beauty vlogger to have companies just send new products to you. After all, in order to be a successful beauty vlogger, you need these products.

You can either go the passive or active route when it comes to getting new products for review.

You can get passive exposure when you include your business email as a part of your description. When potential customers learn about your channel and learn your email, they can easily get in touch with you for a mention or review of their new products.

In order to work with companies that you’re interested in working with, the active approach requires taking action. Send a couple of friendly emails in your niche telling them your name, along with your contact info. Offer to give a review to them in exchange for some sample products. Bonus tip: if you reach out to companies that have already sponsored peers in your niche, you’ll have an increased chance of landing a collaboration.

More Beauty Vlogging Tips

Here are a few more vlogging tips for anyone who wants to become a beauty vlogger:

Acknowledging and improving constructive criticism, in addition to improving your videos, is a great way to grow your channel and become a better video maker. Listen to your audience’s feedback and incorporate any improvements they suggest.

Being authentic will really set you apart amongst the sea of beauty vloggers. People appreciate honesty and transparency, and that goes for your personality. Even though “being yourself” is a cliché advice, doing so will really set you apart from the crowd.

Get into a collab with another YouTuber. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your channel promoted, and you get to support another creator too.

Keep things enjoyable. Beauty gurus on YouTube often get so wrapped up in numbers and stats that they forget to have fun with their videos. Don’t fall into this trap so that your YouTube journey is enjoyable right from the start. 

Beauty Vlog Ideas

What are some novel ways to film beauty videos besides the usual hair and makeup tutorials? Whether you’re a professional beauty expert running out of ideas or you want to begin your own series, here are some video ideas to get you started:

Tag videos. Every makeup guru needs one on their channel. Tags are videos in which a set of questions pertaining to makeup and beauty are presented, and you answer each question in a certain order in front of the camera. Tag videos provide your audience a way to find out what you are all about. A couple of popular ones include the Would You Rather makeup tag, the This or That makeup tag, and the Ride or Die makeup tag.

Get-ready-with-me’s. Getting ready-with-me videos can be filmed two ways: either you film yourself getting ready for an event to edit it like a makeup tutorial, or you could upload an uncut video where you chat with your viewers as you go. Regardless, getting ready with their favorite makeup guru is always an exciting video idea.

Empties. People love to see beauty gurus talking about their favorite products, so why not do an entire video on the beauty items you’ve used recently and are a fan of?

Take advantage of the many challenges offered by the YouTube beauty guru community, including such ones as the $5 makeup challenge.

Make other people’s makeup. You can convince a close relative to appear in your video. Your views will learn new things and you can interact with people your viewers care about.

Beauty Vlogger ideas Bethany Mota
Source: Bethany Mota

Morning, Night, Beauty Routine. We are creatures of habit, and that includes beauty routines as well. Make a video that shows off your holy grail products as well as your personal routines.

When new products are released, let your subscribers in on the trend. When you buy new products, share your first impression with your subscribers.

We hope our guide on how to become a beauty vlogger ideas was useful and informative. Have you been inspired by our guide to become a beauty vlogger ideas and create a makeup channel yet?


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