Are MacBooks Good for Vloggers? 4 Things to Consider

Are MacBooks Good for Vloggers? 4 Things to Consider

Some vloggers like to edit on a desktop computer at home after they have all the footage ready. On the other hand, there are those who prefer a different approach—getting a laptop and editing videos as they travel.

The latter method makes sense. Imagine yourself on a journey somewhere with a camera. You may want to get the videos finished as soon as possible so that you can upload and share them with your viewers. Not to mention that if you are on a tight schedule and want to publish new content almost every day, you have no choice but to get a laptop for the road.

The question is, what should you be looking for in a laptop for vlogging? Is it battery life? Or maybe you are afraid of damaging the device accidentally? What if someone ends up stealing the computer from you?

There are quite a few things to consider, and a lot of it comes down to one’s priorities. Ultimately, though, you want to get a laptop that is worth the money and offers what you want.

Right now, MacBooks seem to be a popular choice among different types of professionals and students. But would a MacBook be a suitable option for a vlogger? Let’s find out below.

The MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

As with other laptop brands, MacBooks also have different models. However, you are more than likely to go with the Pro version. The MacBook Air is worth a shout as well, but the Pro model is the best overall.

Sure, the MacBook Pro is expensive, but the premium price you pay more than makes up for it. If you are going to travel, you will want a device that is durable, and durability is one of the areas where Apple and its innovation excels. 

Thanks to its aluminum unibody, Macs are resistant to wear and tear, so you have less to worry about while traveling. At the same time, you can also get a protective case for the MacBook just to be extra safe.

Transporting a MacBook is not an issue either, as it weighs about 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds). In case you are traveling in cold environments, you should not worry too much either. Unless, of course, the temperature is really low. According to various benchmarks, the MacBook Pro should work so long as the temperature does not drop below -25 degrees Celsius or so.

Video Editing Tools

Video editing tools are another important aspect that you have to consider as a vlogger. If you are someone experienced, you likely have the software you prefer and are comfortable with. 

Let’s say that you get a MacBook and switch from MS Windows to macOS. The latter comes with some built-in tools, such as iMovie, but the app is very basic. 

You are still likely to find your preferred software version for macOS. And in case that is not possible, check the video editing tools available for Macs on the official App Store or third-party sites. Given the size of the macOS app library and how it is constantly growing, finding suitable video editing tools should not be an issue.

Battery Lifespan

MacBook Mattery lifespan

Since you are going to be traveling, there might be instances when you cannot access an electrical outlet to charge the battery.

One of the best things about the new MacBook Pro is its battery lifespan. You can expect at least 1000 cycles, which should be more than enough.

Now, for how long the battery actually lasts, a lot comes down to the number of background processes and other battery hogs, such as visual effects. You can expect to have to charge the battery more frequently if you run high-end video editing software.

On average, the battery should last somewhere between 17 to 21 hours, and the fast charge feature allows you to get 50% in roughly 30 minutes. So if you can make just a quick stop to charge the laptop while traveling as a vlogger, you should still be good to go.


If you are keeping a close eye on your computer, you should be fine as far as the security concerns go. 

In the event that someone ends up stealing the laptop, make sure that you add a tracking application so that you can find the culprit later. Also, disable the auto-login feature so that others cannot access the MacBook’s contents that easily.

Now, as far as fighting against cybersecurity threats, you should install reliable antivirus and download macOS updates as soon as one becomes available. macOS developers react to current threats and release patches to keep the users safe.

Finally, if you are worried about losing data, get an external HDD and back up files via Time Machine. Or, as an alternative, transfer them to your iCloud account.

Overall Performance

MacBook Performance

MacBooks are some of the best computers when it comes to performance. Of course, it helps when you maintain the device in good condition by cleaning the dust inside, keeping the drive clutter-free, and so on.

You might encounter some performance issues later, and determining or fixing the problem yourself can be difficult since there are more reasons for an issue than you know. In case the MacBook runs into such a problem, you can take it to a repair service shop and get it fixed.


Having said all that, the MacBook is an excellent option for vloggers. Some people might be a bit reluctant to get one because of the price, but the features and durability, as well as the overall performance, more than make up for the cost.

You will get a laptop that you can use for many years as a vlogger regardless of if you are traveling or not.

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